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About US

GrafixGear is a unique resource for obtaining new technology applied in digital photography, image-based lighting for 3D animation, photogrametry, color management, digital output and other evolving specialties.

Many of the resources imported to North America are selected from best-of-class manufacturers located in Europe.

GrafixGear distinguishes itself as providing the best knowledge-base available to those interested in state-of-the-art imaging. Information contained in this site is based on 40 years of imaging experience, of which 16 years have been spent in developing high-end digital imaging accuracy.

The prudent purchase of any imaging software or hardware depends on accurate information and access to good testing information. It is on this platform that GrafixGear offers access to a knowledge base which many should find critical to management decisions.

Thousands of tests have been conducted to evaluate competitive advantages and visual accuracy of products and workflows. Please visit http://www.GrafixGear.Com often for the latest information on many evolving subjects.

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